Horrific Hash Terms

Are You?” (R U?): question shouted by the pack to FRBs, meaning “Are you on the trail?”

“Back Check” (BC): trail mark indicating that runners should turn around and retrace their path while looking for the true trail, which branched off somewhere before the BC; sometimes accompanied by a number indicating the number of marks the pack should go back before looking for true trail 

“Beer Check”: 1) beverage stop; 2) trail mark* indicating a beverage stop

“Chalk Talk”: trail instructions for virgin or visiting hashers

“Check”: trail mark indicating an intersection where the true trail may take another direction 

“Checking!”: answer shouted by FRB to pack when asked “Are You?”, indicating that FRB has not determined whether the trail he’s following is true or false

“Circle”: an assembly of hashers at trail’s end, normally for the purpose of conducting down-downs

“C-word”: euphemism for “competition” or “competitive”

“Dead Fucking Last” (DFL): last member of the pack to finish the trail, sometimes honoured during down-downs (though this goes against the grain of hashing’s “non-competitive” ethos)

“Down-Down”: the ceremony of quaffing a beverage (an honour)

“Down-Downs”: the ceremony of honouring deserving hashers after the trail 

“Front Running Bastard” (FRB): a faster member of the pack, also the one member of the pack who finishes trail first (and is normally “honoured” for same, since one should not be competitive)

“Hare”: hasher who lays the trail

“Hash Hymns”: Songs, typically scurrilous, silly, obscene, childish or all of the above; usually sung during Circle and for Down-Downs

“Harrier and Harriet”: male and female hashers

“Long-Cutting Bastard” (LCB): 1) slower member of the pack; 2) someone who gets horribly lost and comes in late

“M-word”: euphemism for “marathon” 

“On-Back”: shouted by FRBs to the pack when FRBs encounter a back check

“On-In”: 1) trail’s end, 2) trail mark indicating proximity to end 

“On-Off”: start of the trail

“On-On”: 1) shouted by FRBs or hounds to indicate they’re on the trail, sometimes used only to indicate true trail; 2) trail mark in lieu of a true trail arrow 

“On-One” (“On-Two,” etc): shouted by FRBs or hounds to indicate the number of flour marks they’ve seen on an unexplored trail, usually after a check 

“Pack”: hashers in pursuit of the hare, also Hounds

“Respect”: a reverential attitude of right-thinking pack members toward the GM during the circle and down-downs

“R-word”: euphemism for “race,” “run,” or “rule”

“Shitty”: an adjective used to describe a really good trail 

“Short-Cutting”: the act of attempting to short-cut the trail

“Short-Cutting Bastard” (SCB): habitual short-cutter, a title of esteem in most hashes

“Violation”: any infraction of hash etiquette or tradition, on- or off-trail; since thinking is against the rules, these usually begin with “In my opinion …” or “It’s blatantly clear that …”

“Violator”: he or she who must be punished, normally by down-down 

“Virgin”: first-time hasher; also applied to first-time hare.


The above information was blatantly stolen from Minneapolis H3 and Bellingham Hash House Harriers. For a more extensive dictionary check out their pages, we’re too drunk to type anymore.