Next Run#867 -22nd October 2017

867th Hash: Sunday 22nd October

Hares:  Toni & Pippa Hall

Food: Hot Dogs & Chips

Registration: 4:15pm for a 4:30pm start

Location:  End Cark park of City Beach Resort at the end of Port Road, near Labrador Park (NB: not the official Labrador Park car parks)

GoogleMap Link:,103802053,265&tbm=lcl&ved=0ahUKEwio3ZbC-vHWAhWPq5QKHZrwCtgQtgMIKA&tbs=lrf:!2m1!1e2!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:2&rldoc=1#rlfi=hd:;si:,1.2644176641555105,103.80485128064083;mv:!1m3!1d1485.4297699503981!2d103.80489634188325!3d1.2647094173079005!3m2!1i1116!2i572!4f13.1&spf=1508047448557

Arrangements occasionally change before the run, so please check the website or our Facebook page the day of the hash to make sure you do not get lost before you have even started.

Dues: ***This is the 2nd Run of the 4th Quarter – Quarterly Fees are due!***

1st Child: $60
2nd: $50
3rd/4th/etc: $40
Guest: $20 per run


868 – 5th November  – The Leonard Family

869 – 19th November  – ***HARES NEEDED***

Contact if you wish to set a future run.

Disclaimer: Hashing is a vigorous physical activity. If there is any damage done – physically, emotional, spiritually and various other forms that your lawyer and you can think of – you are ultimately responsible for yourself. 

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