841st Run – Sunday 23rd October 2016


841st Run

Sunday 23rd October

Hare: Mollie Simpson with Toni & Pippa Hall

Food: Beef Tacos

Registration: 4:15pm for a 4:30pm start
Corner of Gynkhana Avenue and Jalan Mashhor
Google Map Link:


Warning! The above information may occasionally change before the run, so please check the website the day of the hash to make sure you do not get lost before you have even started.
This is the 2nd run of the final quarter of 2016. Please pay your dues!


1st Child: $60

2nd: $50

3rd/4th/etc: $40

Guest: $20 per run

842 – 6th Nov:    Mango Chutney, Lost & Found, Golden Fire Dragon (Brown Family)

843 – 20th Nov:  Kohli & Mahtani Families

Contact this email if you wish to set a future run.  Guidelines for setting runs are here.

Disclaimer: Hashing is a vigorous physical activity. If there is any damage done – physically, emotional, spiritually and various other forms that your lawyer and you can think of – you are ultimately responsible for yourself.

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