Last Hash #919: Sunday 1st of December in Review

Whilst Hashing, specifically with Horrors is a vigorous physical activity and any and all damage done – physically, emotionally, spiritually and various other forms that your lawyer and you can think of means the individual is ultimately responsible, our 919th Hash set by the Devouge family (first time Hares, thank you) had the numerous Horrors delighted given it started to rain just as the briefing commenced – this meant the Hash was muddy in the jungle, flowing in the drains and a lot of fun was had sliding in the puddles on the playing fields of Dempsey.

It was noted, as is always the case that a minority of Horrors and a majority of Adults were not that happy with the rain! However at the end of a very enjoyable 4.5 km (completed in varying times by 12-14-year-olds running and 5-6-year-olds walking with all age groups and dress senses in between), everyone was back in time for hot and yummy Fish & Chips and Circle Time which always puts a smile on the Horrors faces with stories of being muddy from head to toe (even on their back), swimming in the drains (although it really only covered a Horrors shoes), and who was to be executed during Circle Time due to misadventure and thus not following the On, Ons properly and the ability, just this once because they are under Hash Rules in the Circle to do things with orange juice, or beer for the parents that are certainly not allowed at home! 

Whilst Horrors and most parents wore long socks or long trousers, many did not bring a set of clothing to change into and hence the sales of Hash T-Shirts hit a day peak!! Thank you all.

With a strong Hareline stretching into February next year (thank you Hareline, Andrew who seemed to do most of the recruiting at the Dulwich School Christmas Fare) our next Hash due on the 15th of December and our Christmas Hash the Hash House Horrors is going from strength to strength and will end 2019 is fine form.

Please join me, your web hash in thanking last Sunday’s Hare (one more to go before we get to name you “hurry up Hugo”) the committee who do this just for the beer, Mr Hoe for the nourishment and all of you for making every second Sunday a lot of good clean fun with our kids seeing parts of Singapore most living in Singapore will never experience and as one Hasher said “Thank you for having us today! Was so happy to give a local little girl the chance to play in the mud 🙂 Such a wonderful activity you do for the little ones” 

On, On all you Horrors

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