Santa Hash #920: On On Today

St Nicholas has arrived!

He was seen over Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and popped into Hash House Horrors Head Quarters for a whiskey and mince pie to run through the Horrific Presents his Elves have made for each Horror. St Nick assured Web Hash that, given today’s Christmas Hash is in the Nature Reserve the entire Hash is on paths (no jungle, drains etc boo) but what that does mean is, although the rain will end this afternoon the route will only be on paths and majority paths with concrete coverage………thus no mud, boo hoo hoo, but good for singing songs and carrying Christmas Presents!

St Nick will be at the Dairy Farm Car Park A at 16:00 and set to give out Horrific Hash appropriate presents, sing songs, and share traditional fare once he has been found!

On On at 16:30 today!

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