Review of Hash #925: “The Rains of Mayfair Park”

Whilst Hashing, specifically with Horrors is an excellent physical activity and any and all damage done – physically, emotionally, spiritually, virually and various other forms that your lawyer and you can think of means the individual is ultimately responsible, today’s Sunday Hash was like an episode of Game of Thrones (“actual quote from a Harrier”) with drains, mud, animals, signs made from wood, blood, real-time live surgery, and a large contingent, including committee members whom got wonderfully lost and then, decided to storm a fence with as many bannermen as possible!

Calm returned as the Horrors showed those on the correct side of the green fence the route home until Circle Time – a combination of a large number of very welcome newbies, some who tried to storm the Downs Downs thanking Fiery Dragon and Mozzie Masher setting the Hash, and after two very deserving medal winners where celebrated with further Down Downs for completing 10 Hashs each we somehow managed to reincarnate The Red Wedding whilst executing those who had stormed the Green Fence, including some very honest Horrors who thought the Green Fence was the little fence they climbed on the way to/from the drain……..!  

Our Hash is going from strength to strength and is shown mostly through having a rather strong Hareline until the summer holiday break – thank you to everyone who has volunteered to set a Hash – we cannot Hash with you and as many can attest setting a Hash is a lovely way to spend time with your kids, or as a group of friends exploring a part of Singapore. Respect!  

Lastly, but not least, please join me, your web hash in thanking today’s Hares (Fiery Dragon and Mozzie Masher, even though I have a feeling some thought the circle time celebration was a snubbed wedding, given the massacre during the execution) the committee who do this just for the beer, Mr Hoe for the nourishment and all of you, for making every second Sunday a lot of good clean, but dirty fun with our kids seeing parts of Singapore most living in Singapore will never experience and as one Horror said: “I don’t like the dark and drains, but that was fun!” 

ON, ON all you Horrors……….

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