Review of Hash #926: “Coney’d”

Whilst Hashing, specifically with Horrors is an excellent physical activity and any and all damage done – physically, emotionally, spiritually, virually and various other forms that your lawyer and you can think of means the individual is ultimately responsible for anything that happened at last Sunday’s Hash. This includes being executed with cold, mushy, sticky dry ice!

Mia (first time Hare, Respect!) invited the Hash up to her favourite coastal spot in northeastern Singapore within the town of Punggol and set a Hash with reusable torn bedsheets around the Lorong Halus Wetland through unique wetland bush, across the bridge to Coney Island, alternatively known as Pulau Serangoon, along the beach, or sea depending on how you did this section, back through the entertainment area, back across the bridge and home – On! On!. Live entertainment provided, other than the sweets halfway were the numerous butterflies, birds, large red ants and squirrels, the lovely beaches, boats in full sail and the wild boar and a Brahman Bull!

With 34 guest Horrors along with our regular Horrors feed/watered Circle Time was held next to the lake in the late afternoon sun. Down Downs were fun and lively as the Horrors thanked Mia (one more to go Mia and your get your Hash name) for setting the Hash, a very busy welcome to our newbies, and after a very deserving medal winner was celebrated with further Down Downs for completing 10 Hash’s we proceeded to execute those deemed to have gone the wrong way during the Hash – all magnanimously accepted the nomination but I’m not sure the Newbies quite expected what was coming!  

Our Hash continues to go from strength to strength and is shown mostly through having a rather strong Hareline until the summer holiday break – thank you to everyone who has volunteered to set a Hash – we cannot Hash without you and as many can attest setting a Hash is a lovely way to spend time with your kids and members of the Committee are very happy to help out! 

To make the Hash even more sustainable we do need to hold our delayed AGM which was to be held during the St John’s Island weekend and as no-one wants us we thought we would do this during the Easter Holidays – more google forms!!.  

Lastly, but not least, please join me, your web hash in thanking today’s Hare (Mia and the de Klerk family) the committee who do this just for the beer, Mr Hoe for the nourishment and all of you, for making every second Sunday a lot of good clean, but dirty fun with our kids seeing parts of Singapore most living in Singapore will never experience in a different way as one Horror said: “We actually had to run most of that Hash!” 

ON, ON all you Horrors……….

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