Hash #927: “SHN”

On Back! Whilst Hashing, specifically with Horrors is an excellent physical activity and any and all damage done – physically, emotionally, spiritually, virually and various other forms that your lawyer and you can think of means the individual is ultimately responsible for anything that happens, but one thing the Hash cannot be is out of sync with requests from the countries government. 

Last night’s notice stating that outside gatherings of 250 people are now to move to no more than 10 people makes running a Hash impossible and hence this Sunday’s Hash is Off Off.    

With just under 100 Horrors, Harriers and Harriets signed up through the Declaration Form for this Sunday’s Hash and with some inside information on what the Robyn family had installed for us – short but with elevation and deep jungle, as well as climbing in/out canals – it is a great shame that we have had to put the Hash on a Stay at Home Notice!  

Our Hash continues to go from strength to strength and is shown mostly through having a rather strong Hareline until the summer holiday break – thank you to everyone who has volunteered to set a Hash – we cannot Hash without you and as many can attest setting a Hash is a lovely way to spend time with your kids and members of the Committee are very happy to help out! 

Further, given the quorum requirements, the delayed AGM which was to be held during the St John’s Island weekend and was going to be held during the Easter Holidays looks like this will be either postponed again, or we may try and hold this electronically – Beer Check!   

Lastly, but not least, please join me, your web hash in thanking this coming Sunday’s Hares (family Robyn) the committee who do this just for the beer, Mr Hoe for the nourishment and all of you, for making every second Sunday a lot of good clean, but dirty fun with our kids seeing parts of Singapore those of us living in Singapore will never experience in a different way but unfortunately this Sunday’s Hash is Off Off

However, at around 18:00 on Sunday I trust we will hear the family sounds of Hashers partaking in Down-Downs and perhaps event inventing a new Hash Hymn for us all to learn once we have beaten Covid-19 together.

ON, ON all you Horrors……….we will be sending through Hash e-learning for all to keep you Horrific, Respect!

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