Hash No 927: Christmas Hash

ON ON: Thank you for expressing an interest in this Hash. We are going ahead with the Hash on the 20th of December at 16:00 at the Camp. We couldn’t get enough families to move to a midday Hash thus enabling 2 Hashes on the 20th (which is understandable) and hence your committee has decided to go ahead with the Hash, but we are going to ask that each family reduces its adult participation to just one adult so as to make space for other families to participate! Given the Hash is in the Camp and we are Hashing in pods of 5 child management risk is rather less! 

RESPECT: In line with Singapore Guidance, and as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19, protect our community and make sure that none of us is taken off by a person in a hazmat suit to the NCID in an ambulance and police escort as a suspected case, our community would be grateful if each of us completes the Declaration Form emailed to the over 100 people who expressed an interest as part of the Sign-Up process, along with giving us indications on food, drinks and t-shirts to enable our administration and reduce food wastage!

ON BACK: Once this form is completed you will then receive the full details of Hash No 927 via email. For administration reasons, we will not be posting the full Hash details publically as part of the containment mechanism.

​ON ON, and look forward to seeing some of you on the 20th for a Hash and some Christmas Cheer!​

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