Updated Top 10 Ways You Can Support the Hash

Can’t wait to see the Horrors this afternoon! Lets try to get more parents and kids into Hash T-shirts; Horrors love to match!

  1. Come to the hash – We love Horrors!
  2. Volunteer to set a hash – An amazing family bonding experience!
  3. Join the hash committee – Next meeting is June 11 
  4. Bring a friend – Horrors love company
  5. Buy a t-shirt – Horrors like to look good!
  6. Remember to pay for adult food – Parents are always hungry!
  7. Follow us on instagram or share photos @hashhousehorrors – Help us influence of other Horrors
  8. Share our website with a class whatsapp chat – Can you beleive some people don’t know about us!?!?
  9. Sing loud and proud during circle time!! – Horrors love singing! 
  10. Celebrate the kids when they reach 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 hashes! – Thats a lot of Hashing!
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