Hash No: 924 (Weekend Hash)

Horrific! We have 37 families (134 Horrors and Hashers) signed up and determined to go Hashing and Camping on an island a few kilometres south of Singapore to explore its secret beach with clear waters and white sands and brand new accommodation…..and to Hash around and in this popular destination which was once a quarantine centre for immigrants coming into Singapore who had cholera, beriberi and leprosy; it was later used to house political prisoners and drug rehabilitators, and now it’s the ultimate Hash weekend destination given the beaches, clean waters, links to other islands, mangroves, coral reefs and clean accommodation. We still have space for a few more……….On On


Date: 15th of February overnight to 16th of February

Cost: S$20 per person (we need a minimum of 40 people)

Travel: Marina South Pier (35/45 minutes) – S$15

Accommodation: dormitory-style, hot water male and female showers, toilets and dedicated cooking and eating facilities


Saturday 15th

– Arrive: on any of the scheduled ferries (tickets to be bought ahead of time to confirm seats)

– Settle; into the accommodation, choose beds etc etc

– Dinner; provided by the Hash and cooked by the Horrors! On On!

– Bonfire; cooking marshmallows, learning the Hash song and telling Horrific stories!

– Pass Out, and snoring competition! 


Sunday 16th

  • Breakfast; provided by the Hash and cooked by whoever wakes first!
  • Hash No 924; – start around 09:00 in the morning exploring the island/s, beach and almost certainly the water – horrific!
  • Lunch: provided by the Hash and cooked by whoever is first back from the Hash!
  • Decamp; swim, sandcastles, explore 
  • Depart; on any of the scheduled ferries (a ticket covers you both ways)


Sign Up: to make sure we have enough beds, food, drink, ferry tickets and to make the booking we need to know who is coming and we need certain information from you to make the accommodation booking so please do sign up using the link below.


Sign Up Link: https://forms.gle/rpekPhwHfRtGZPUx5


Ferry: with 37 families and 134 Horrors and Hashers! This is great given it will make certain the weekend is Horrific on a number of levels, including space on the ferries. To mitigate this your committee will purchase a dedicated boat with 90 seats for each day on the most popular time indicated in the google sign up form – this will be done on Friday this week. At the moment this time is 13:00 on the Saturday and 13:50 on Sunday – If you are looking to travel on the ferry outside of the above times please do purchase your own tickets.
Guests: like all Hashes, please do bring grandparents, friends, other Horrors, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Lovers etc plus do remember that whilst Hashing is an excellent activity any and all damage done – physically, emotionally, spiritually, virally and various other forms that your lawyer and you can think of means the individual is ultimately responsible.

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