“On-Back” Hash No: 924 has been Corona’d!

Whilst Hashing is an excellent activity where any and all damage done – physically, emotionally, spiritually, virally and various other forms that your lawyer and you can think of means the individual is ultimately responsible – we have had the “Back Check” call and everything has gone ORANGE!

Weekend Hash is Off-Off. Horrific!

Before we all stop at the Beer-Check, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Committee who have spent the last 3 – 4 months planning our Weekend Hash. Whilst in your quarantine this weekend please do join me in a moment of Down-Downs for our Committee, specifically as there is talk the Committee is going to deal with their grief by putting tents up in someones back garden and organise a Treasure Hunt!

The good news is that this interruption of Annual Hashing Ethos is a clear Violation and we will certainly go ahead with the Hash Weekend when we have Down-Downed all Corona’s – until then it’s On On with our regular Sunday Hash’s – our Horrors need some exercise, and there is nothing better than sunlight, fresh air and disappearing into areas where humans have not been to stay healthy in this current environment!

For those FRB’s who have made a payment, thank you. We will be in touch directly to put this right.

Next Hash is in 9 days, at 16:00 for 16:30 on Sunday the 16th of February and is being set by our Weekend Hash guest Hare……………….. Respect!

Until next Sunday, drive safely! Long Live Hash No: 924

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